Training Methodology

As PD proposes to train effective technique without injury we have developed a unique method of exercising reflexes whilst maintaining good technique. This method is called Serang Hindar. This method is unique in how it teaches the PD exponent to use body movement in order to position the body out of harms way, thus placing themselves in an ideal position to counter attack. This stays true to the PD motto "Pandai Silat Tanpa Cedera" to train effective technique without injury.

Teknik Asli

The 'teknik asli' are the orginal techniques of Perisai Diri . These techniques adopt the attitude of certain animals and human forms. The aim of adopting a different attitude is not to become or 'act' like that animal but to fight in such spirit. Quite simply, man is man, animal is animal, one merely learns from the direct environment and applies these learnings to the human body. The techniques include Mliwis, Kuntul, Garuda, Harimau, Naga, Satria, Pendeta and Putri.

Teknik Burung Mliwis—Burung Mliwis refers to a sea bird called heron. It has long legs and often lifts one of its leg when relaxing. Since the bird is light, it moves easily when looking for its food. Whilst training this technique, a PD exponent will learn more about their own body weight and how to utilise it so they can move fast and light, much like the bird. The weapon of this technique is the top of fingers or the back of the wrist. Mliwis attacks the weak areas of the eyes, nose and groin.

Teknik Burung Kuntul—This technique still utilises a bird style, but one which moves faster and more powerful than Mliwis. This technique also uses legs to attack. This technique does not punch, yet strikes rapidly to te target and back to the orginal position. The targets for attacking are normally to eyes, neck and knee. The attacks from this technique come from the side in order to enhance the power, speed and accuracy of the technique.

Teknik Burung Garuda—Technique Garuda adopts the attitude similar to the Golden Eagle, the king of birds. The eagle is fast and powerful with large talons used to grab its prey whilst hunting. Once again this technique uses more power than the other two. The attack comes in the form of a slice using the outer part of the forearm, from wrist to elbow. The target of attack include the neck, chest, head and groin.

Teknik Harimau—Harimau uses the spirit of the Tiger. Like the tiger this technique has the flexibility of a cat and endurance. The power of a Tiger is somewhat greater to that of a bird. The Tiger is a wild animal thus so is its technique. The attacks are unforgiving, involving tearing, crashing and ripping. The aim of the technique is to damage the opponent by attacking the face,neck, groin, chest and back.

Teknik Naga—Naga is the Dragon. This technique utilises the body movement in a spin similar to moving its body through water. Naga has the strongest power among animal techniques. The attack mostly downward strikes, using side of hands by hitting the enemy's neck, upper shoulder and legs. Sometimes it can also throw the enemy's by lifting the body while spinning.

Teknik Satria—The first human technique learned is Satria. Satria is the knight or the patriot. This is a person of good endurance, power, skillful and just. Satria technique has more skill and confidence due to the power of attack that it posesses. This technique destroys the opponent without avoidance. The target of attack with this techniques is the head area, chest, legs, groin, body side and back. This technique may also refuse an opponents attack by targeting the opponents joints.

Teknik Pendeta—Pendeta refers to the technique of the priest. This person acts by following his heart. Pendeta is someone who is wise and forgiving. This technique does not destroy an enemys attack while avoiding. The target of the attack is the head, back, groin and joints. By learning this technique someone will also learn how to control the emotions, because this technique is a bridge in learning the highest technique of Perisai Diri.

Teknik Putri—This is the highest technique in Perisai Diri. Putri means Princess in English. The movements of Putri may be deceptive, with high speed. The technique is smooth and soft yet with such technical precision to destroy an opponent. This technique may borrow energy from the opponents attack to utilise in a counter attack on the enemy. Thus the enemy defeats themself.

Ranking System

Dasar I—At the beginning level of Perisai Diri you are taught basic body movement, class ettiquette and the culture and history of Perisai Diri. As you progress through basic level 1, you will travel through white belt, white-green belt and green belt.

Dasar II—As you progress through the latter stage of basics, you gain a greater understanding for anatomical movement and self defense. Your progress through this level you will achieve, green-blue belt, blue belt and blue-red belt.

Calon Keluarga—As Calon Keluarga or "Cakel" you are a candidate to enter the Keluarga of Silat Nasional Perisai Diri. At this level you will learn the Minangkabau Technique.

The other levels of Perisai Diri are shown by the stripe on the badge of the practitioners chest:

Tingkat Putih 

Tingkat Putih-Hijau

Tingkat Hijau

Tingkat Hijau-Biru

Tingkat Biru

Tingkat Biru-Merah

Tingkat Merah

Tingkat Merah-Kuning

Following these levels are the levels of Pendekar or Grandmaster.