"Pandai Silat Tanpa Cedera"

Through Perisai Diri you can achieve effective technique without injury. This makes it ideal for children to learn as there is very little chance of injury. There is not much point to learning a fighting art that harms yourself as well as your opponent. Through the teaching method Serang Hindar, students learn the correct body position or 'pancer' to be, as an enemy attacks. The pancer determines the ability to attack or avoid an opponent.

"Asah, Asih, Asuh"

The principles of training PD are 'Asah, Asih, Asuh'. As a family we must follow these prinicples for the benefit fo PD. Asah is to sharpen, like a sword. Asih is to love each other, with this love there is no bad intentions towards one another. And Asuh is to take care of each other, as to not get harmed by the sharpness of each other.